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11 February 2020'Debo' - Mitford, Cavendish, Devonshire Duchess, Housewife 1920 - 2014
14 January 2020Exploring Ephemera: Illuminating History
10 December 2019The Magic of Pantomime
12 November 2019Lover, Teacher, Muse….or Rival? Couples in Modern British Art.
08 October 2019Henry VIII, Cardinal Wolsey and the English Renaissance
09 July 2019Peter Carl Fabergé: Master Russian Goldsmith
11 June 2019Collecting the Grand Tour: The Enlightenment of the English Gentleman
14 May 2019Food and Art through the Ages: from Renaissance sugar Sculptures to 3D Print.
09 April 2019( AGM at 1.45pm) California Dreaming: A tour of the Getty Museum,the Huntington and Norton Simon Galleries.
12 March 2019Victoria and Albert, Art and Love
12 February 2019Indestructible Theatre: 1900 to Now.
15 January 2019From Magic Lanterns to Metro Goldwyn Mayer: Thhe birth of the Silver Screen and the art that surrounded it.
11 December 2018The Magnificence of Persia.The art of Isfahan, Shiraz and Persepolis.
13 November 2018Hidden Canvasses:Street Art and the City
09 October 2018William Cobbett and James Gillray
11 September 2018Capability Brown and the Eighteenth Century English Landscape
12 June 2018French influence on the British royal art collection and royal residences
08 May 2018Power Politics and a Country Church
10 April 2018 (NB AGM at 1.45) A Potted History of Britain
13 February 2018Les Parisiennes
12 December 2017Children's Book Illustrations
14 November 2017The Exraordinary Life of Misia Sert, Queen of Paris, 1872 - 1950
10 October 2017Restoration Dramas: How some of Britain's best loved buildings were saved
12 September 2017Art for an Afterlife: Ancient Egyptian Tomb scenes and Funerary Goods
13 June 2017Charles Rennie Mckintosh
09 May 2017The Lure of Ivory
11 April 2017How we got Ikea! Scandinavian Design c 1880 - 1960 NB AGM at 1.45pm
14 March 2017Pablo Picasso: 'My work is like a diary'
14 February 2017The Orientalists Artists and travellers to the Near East
10 January 2017Uniting Elegance with Utility: George and Alice Hepplewhite
13 December 2016Tibetan Art in Transition - The Buddha goes Bang
08 November 2016Banks, Burgundy and Piracy: the Fifteenth Century Artists of Bruges
11 October 2016Searching for Shakespeare
13 September 2016Peter Carl Fabergé : Master Russian Goldsmith.1846 -1920
14 June 2016The Other Side - WW2 Culture of Memorials and Counter Memorials
10 May 2016Salisbury Cathedral - The Making and Unmaking of of a Masterpiece
12 April 2016The Elgin Marbles
08 March 2016Norman Rockwell
09 February 2016Magnificent Mosaics
12 January 2016Thomas Heatherwick
08 December 2015That Pretty German Toy
10 November 2015Women Impressionists
13 October 2015History of the Royal Academy
08 September 2015Edward Seago
09 June 2015Art and the Napoleonic Wars
12 May 2015Denys Lasdun and the National Theatre
14 April 2015Leonardo to You
10 March 2015 René Lalique
10 February 2015Everything you always wanted to know about Magna Carta but were afraid to ask
13 January 2015British Tailoring from the 18th - 20th Century
09 December 2014Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion: The History of Magic Through Art and Pictures
11 November 2014Michelangelo's Sculpture and the Concept of "non-finito"
14 October 2014War and Peace
09 September 2014Mary Seacole
10 June 2014Basingstoke and its contribution to World Culture
13 May 2014Up to a Point - Pyramids in Britain and Ireland
08 April 2014AGM (NB @1.45pm) The Drama behind the Taj Mahal
11 March 2014Habitat Catalogued
11 February 2014Shakers of America
14 January 2014Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin 1812 - 1852
10 December 2013The Victorian Christmas: A Celebration
12 November 2013Church Silver
08 October 2013Out of the Blue
10 September 2013British Portraiture through the Ages
11 June 2013Murder, Sex and Mayhem in English Churches
14 May 2013Venice in London
09 April 2013Great Tarts in Art: Culture and the Oldest Profession
12 March 2013The Great Twelve: An Introduction to the Senior Livery Companies of the City of London
12 February 2013A Family Affair: Florence and the House of Medici
08 January 2013As if by Magic: The Secrets of Turner's Watercolour Techniques
11 December 2012Deck the Hall: Yuletide Customs & Traditions
13 November 2012A Thousand Years of History: Medieval Cathedrals as Time Machines
09 October 2012The Great East India Adventure. The Trade in Decorative and Valuable Cargoes from 1600 - 1850
11 September 2012Minotaurs and Labyrinths: Myth and Minoan Art
12 June 2012London's Changing Skline:Past, Present & Future
08 May 2012Dickens Revisited
10 April 2012The Cecils of Hatfield and Burghley
13 March 2012Men Behaving Badly
14 February 2012The Destruction of the Monasteries
10 January 2012King George 111
13 December 2011St Nicholas
08 November 2011Vermeer
11 October 2011Aboriginal Art

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'Debo' - Mitford, Cavendish, Devonshire Duchess, Housewife 1920 - 2014 Simon Seligman Tuesday 11 February 2020

Deborah Devonshire, the youngest of the Mitford sisters and wife of the 11th Duke of Devonshire, was hefted by marriage to one of Europe’s greatest treasure houses, Chatsworth. In the second half of the 20th century, in partnership with her husband, she imbued it with a spirit, elegance and sense of welcome that transformed it from being the worn-out survivor of decades of taxation, war and  social change into one of the best-loved, most-emulated and popular historic houses, gardens and estates in the country. With responsibility for Lismore Castle and Bolton Abbey as well, no wonder her passport stated her profession as ‘housewife’.

Along the way, she became a best-selling author and sell-out speaker, champion of the countryside, its skills, traditions, livelihoods and food, trustee and patron of numerous charities, businesses and good causes, and the most famous poultry keeper in the country. She met Hitler and Churchill, was a trusted confidant of the Prince of Wales, played her part as the steady heart of the Mitford sisters’ melodrama and was friends with a dazzling array of some of the brightest and most fascinating of her contemporaries, including President Kennedy, Evelyn Waugh, Oscar de la Renta, John Betjeman, Lucian Freud, Tom Stoppard, Neil MacGregor, Patrick Leigh Fermor and Alan Bennett.

She said herself that charm was the hardest quality to describe in another person; hers lived in her unique turn of phrase, her stoic Mitfordian perspective on life’s challenges, her curiosity about everyone she met, her stylish beauty, quick wit and delight in all that life offered her. Debo had a lasting impact not just on Chatsworth but on everything she touched and everyone she met; I was lucky enough to work for and with her over more than 20 years and in this lecture I pay tribute to an astonishing life.