29 August 2019The Kingdom in the Sun: Classical & Medieval Sicily Study Day
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The Kingdom in the Sun: Classical & Medieval Sicily Study Day
Thursday 29 August 2019


The Kingdom in the Sun: Classical & Medieval Sicily

Sicily has been both a gateway and a crossroads attracting a long line of invaders from Greeks, Romans and Arabs to the Normans, Spanish and Italians. This has left a legacy of great cultural richness and variety.

SESSION 1: Greek and Phoenician Sicily from the 8th century BC to the 4th century BC.

SESSION 2: Roman and Arab Sicily with a focus on the Villa Casale in Piazza Armeria.

SESSION 3: Norman and Byzantine Sicily including the 6,000 sq. metres of mosaics in  the cathedral of Monreale

Mrs Jane Angelini is a freelance lecturer for The Arts Society and other arts organisations. She runs her own art tours company, specialising in cultural visits. She speaks several foreign languages and has translated a number of works of 19th century Russian literature for Penguin Books and Oxford University Press. She has a BA in Russian Studies and an MA in Byzantine Studies.

Thursday 29th August 2019, 10.00 – 15.00, Quaker Meeting House, Wilton Road

£30 to include coffee and a light lunch, cheques payable to The Arts Society Salisbury

                                              Contact: Maureen Pardy 01722 504295 or mpardy@hotmail.c